Find Pharaoh's Gold !

The Museum closes for the season on October 31. We will start taking reservations in April 2022. Hope to you see you next year!


The Lock Museum Adventure takes place in the Lock Museum of America, which houses the largest collection of locks and keys in the United States, and quite possibly, the world. The Museum is in Terryville, CT, on the site of the former headquarters of the Eagle Lock Company.

You will use puzzles, riddles, and codes to open locks and antique safes to solve a mystery.

You will be surrounded by thousands of antique locks, keys, and items related to lockmaking.

Some of the more unusual artifacts are a 4,000–year old Egyptian lock, a 7,000-pound cannonball safe, and a treasure chest from the Spanish Armada.

Do you like history?  Do you appreciate fine craftsmanship?  You'll love the Lock Museum Adventure Game.  Many of the items on display were made here in Connecticut.



Find Pharaoh's Gold

In 1923, Abigail Atwater, an amateur archaeologist from Terryville, found the long lost tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh.


In her excitement, she broke the strange wooden lock to the chamber and found a casket of enormous treasure.

She returned to her hometown and lived a life of leisure. But as the years went by, her conscience got the better of her.


She became a benefactor to the Lock Museum of America. She donated the 4,000-year old Egyptian wooden lock as a Museum centerpiece.


Just before she died, she hid the Pharaoh's gold coins in the Museum!

You will explore 5 rooms on the second floor of the Museum to look for clues to find the treasure.




How does it work?

You will have an hour to solve the mystery by deciphering puzzles, riddles, and codes.

You should arrive at the Museum 10 minutes before your game begins. You will be given a brief tour of the first floor of the Museum before heading to the second floor where the game takes place.


After the game, many groups like to ask questions and take a closer look at the exhibits so you may want to allow extra time.

​​​When is the Lock Museum Adventure open?

Generally, Saturdays at 3 and 6pm, and Sundays at 3pm.  Please check the Book Now page for availability. You must reserve your game at least 24 hours ahead of time.

The Museum is closed from Nov. 1 to May 1 so there are no games during that time.

What if I want to book a time slot that isn't listed?


Email us at info@lockmuseumadventure.org.  We will do our best to find a time that works for you.

What are the prices?

Adults (18 and over): $23

Children: $15

The Museum is run by volunteers. All proceeds go toward improving the exhibits and paying the bills!

Can one person make reservations and pay for the whole group?

Yes!  One person should reserve the time slot and pay for all participants in the group (minimum group size is two people). You can settle up with each other later. 

If after you make the reservation, additional players want to join you (up to the maximum of 8), they can pay at the door with cash. Just give us 24 hours notice.

​I'm anti-social. Will my group be playing the game with other people?

Your group will be the only one playing the game. All 5 rooms of the second floor are part of the game, so up to 8 people can be easily accommodated.  You can split up and look for clues independently, so everybody will be involved.

Can I book a birthday party or other special event?

Yes! The Lock Museum has a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, stove, and several tables.


Reserve the game for the number of participants in your group. Before or after your adventure game, you may use the kitchen to serve your cake, snacks, refreshments, pizza, or whatever. You supply the food, utensils, and plates. We just ask that you clean up after you are done. There is no charge for the use of the kitchen, or for the individuals who will not participate in the game. Call us (860-921-6118) for details. No alcohol is permitted.


What about cancellations?

All sales are final. Just as if you were buying tickets to a movie, theater, or sporting event, there are no refunds. But we realize that sometimes things come up, and we can issue a credit for a mutually agreeable time.

If you can’t make it, you can also transfer the tickets to someone else. Just call us (860-921-6118) and let us know.


Where do I park?

There is free parking behind the Museum on Prospect Street, and behind the Library, directly across the street.  Enter at the Main Street entrance. Knock on the door three times and it will open.

Is it handicapped accessible?

Yes! The second floor of the Museum, where the game takes place, is accessible from the back parking lot. Let us know ahead of time if you need this access.

The first floor is also accessible.

​Are there age limits?

The game is most appropriate for ages 12 and up. Players younger than 18 should be accompanied by at least one adult who will be responsible for them, with a maximum total of 8 players. The adult doesn't have to pay if they are there just to supervise. It's a fun activity for a birthday party, Scouts, church and youth groups.

​​Is it scary?

No. The clues are based on the displays in the Museum. There are no zombies, spooky music, laser lights, or scary sound effects. Just a really cool atmosphere from all the history that surrounds you.

Will we be locked in a room?

No. You will explore all 5 rooms on the second floor to look for clues.


Can I bring personal items such as a cell phone into the Museum?

Yes. We ask that you turn off the ringer. You won’t need it to solve any clues. Google won’t help you!  You can take pictures of your group and the Museum after the game is over.

You can also bring in purses, etc. and keep them with you.

What is different about an adventure room in a Museum?

You will be surrounded by antique locks and safes, which you will open as part of the game.  A Museum guide will answer questions and provide hints if you need them. 

Do you participate in the "We the Enthusiasts" Escape Room Passport Program?

Yes! If you bring your passport, we will stamp it. More information about the Escape Room Passport Program can be found at www.WeTheEnthusiasts.com

​Where is Terryville?

Terryville is a village within the Town of Plymouth, in southeastern Litchfield County, Connecticut. The Museum is at 230  Main Street (Route 6), at the corner of Prospect Street.

Terryville is named after the Terry family, generations of which were famous clock and lockmakers in the 1800s.

Are there places to eat nearby?

Terryville Pizza is on Main Street, a 2-minute walk from the Museum.


What other attractions are in the area?

There are several fascinating museums in surrounding towns.

American Clock and Watch Museum (Bristol) www.clockandwatchmuseum.org

New England Carousel Museum (Bristol) www.thecarouselmuseum.org

New Britain Industrial Museum (New Britain) www.nbindustrial.org

Railroad Museum of New England (Thomaston)


Definitely check out the Eli Terry, Jr. Water Wheel, a five minute stroll from the Museum, at the corner of Main Street and Benedict Street. It powered the Eagle Lock Company in the  mid-1800s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are interpretive signs that describe how the Water Wheel operated.




Lock Museum of America

PO Box 104

230 Main Street

Terryville, CT 06786

Email: info@lockmuseumadventure.org

Telephone: 860-480-4408

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