Reviews of the Lock Museum Adventure:

The clues were challenging and fun ...requiring team work and creativity. The host was delightful afterwards, explaining things about many of the objects on display. This museum is a lovely gem ! So glad we participated!  - Karen

Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves immensely! We had a wonderful time and would recommend the experience to anyone! -  Michael

We had a great time! The museum exhibits are interesting and the puzzles are challenging, so it was lots of fun. This was my third adventure room experience and definitely my favorite. Thanks! - Laura  A.

Great variety of puzzles, and the history that we picked up along the way was a great bonus. Best escape room I have done all year! - Jessica

​This was a fantastic experience! We had so much fun with our kids… Really an exceptional way to spend the afternoon. - Beth



iews of the Lock Museum Adventure:
EvMy congratulations to all who make the Terryville Lock Museum Adventure one of the best family events in CT! After passing the lock museum on a daily basis, I decided to take my kids and a guest to check it out. I could not be more pleased with the whole thing, start to finish. The host (Jerry) was very patient and waited for the kids to finish the adventure, even though we went over the 1 hour time limit. My kids ranged from 11-13 years of age, and all were active participants in solving the adventure.I would recommend this to anyone. There is something for every age group.eryone in our group enjoyed themselves immensely! We had a wonderful time and would recommend the experience to anyone! -  Michael
This was our first adventure room, and it was a great way to learn about the history and types of locks first hand. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do something fun with their family or a group of their friends. - Marc
That was fun! - Sofia
The Lock Museum of America is an incredible site for this concept. Compared to other Escape Rooms I’ve played, I like the free-wheeling atmosphere of going from room to room. The setting, surrounded by antique locks, is certainly unique. Changes in Longitude travel blog
That was awesome. I’m coming back with some other friends! – Benjamin (and he did!)
I’m bringing my family here to celebrate my birthday! – Betsey (and she did!)
Lock Museum creates escape room game with local twist – Bristol Press
What better place to set up an escape room than a museum dedicated to the history of locks and keys? – Hartford Courant